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The English for Academic Purposes program at UMC is a College Pathway program designed to give international students the required skills and strategies to be successful in a Canadian college or university.

The primary advantage of the EAP program at UMC is the integrated approach taken by our instructors. Unlike other schools which may focus more heavily on reading and writing, UMC takes a holistic approach to learning, and aims for well-rounded students. It is a fast-paced academic environment that is intensive with no ďhand-holdingĒ.


I took EAP program for 4 weeks. The teachers are excellent and they really helped me to improve my skills. The classroom activities are pretty good, I could feel comfortable to participate and exchange my ideas between my classmates and teachers.

In addition, the number of students in a classroom is very good, just like 5~6 per class. Absolutely , I will recommend you as one of the best language school to improve English Skills and critical thinking insides the EAP program. I will never for get my school. Thank you so much!