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UMC Student´s Voice

UMC Student¬īs Voice
Student full name: Monique Milord
Program name: ESL level 3
Duration: 12 weeks
Country: Panama

"At UMC, the classes are fun, and all the teachers are extremely patient. They are many different activities to help students integrate with one another.. Teachers are kind and friendly. I like them all, but my favorites would have to be Stacy and Mellissa. The staff are always willing to help, and Iíve especially appreciated Lucia and Justin for their help. UMC helped me improve my English; I am no longer shy when it comes to talking to people, and now I can make friends easier. These skills will help me in my major; I have gained skills to work well with people from different cultures as my English has improved.  My UMC experience has taught me a lot, and I know when I go back to my country it will greatly help me find a good job."