Application Procedure

1. Please send us the UMC application form with the name, date of birth, starting date, the course name and duration. Upon receipt the application, we will send you your invoice. 

2. Please remit the full course fee to Upper Madison College before the due date on the invoice.

3. When you need the acceptance letter from UMC, you should send the fees in full. 
Upon receiving the fees in full, we will send the acceptance letter by mail, fax, or email.

Payment of fees is due once UMC sends an invoice. The invoice will state the exact fees owing and detailed instructions about the method of payment (i.e. bank wire transfer, money order, or certified cheque). 

Fees should be paid in Canadian dollars and cheques should be made payable to Upper Madison College. The tuition fees must be paid in full before you receive an official acceptance letter.

Bank draft or international money order
Please mail to Upper Madison College
5075 Yonge St 500, Toronto, ON, M2N7H3, TEL: 1-416-512-1026 

Wire transfer
Canadian dollar : TD Canada Trust
Bank address : 4841 Yonge St. Willowdale, Ontario, M2N 5X2
Beneficiary : Upper Madison College
Account No : 0618-5214611
Transit No : 19762-004
Swift code : TDOMCATTTOR